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Garage Door Repair Needham MA

Our certified experts of Garage Door Repair Needham MA; our adept team have been doing it for over 20 years and in that time, our business has expanded as well as our skill-set. We offer a diverse and expansive range of varied products and services from specialist fixtures to entire doors that will not only compliment your exteriors but will boast durability. Call us anytime for further inquires about the services we have on offer or simply for emergency repair work which needs to be carried out ASAP.




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Springs are key to the operation of any garage door, if they become damaged, they could cause comprehensive damage to the motor. Through general overuse, they naturally weaken and, in the worst case scenario, they can snap if they are neglected for too long. Therefore, it is vital to amend or replace damaged springs as soon as possible before further or more serious issues occur. It could be the case that you think your entire door needs to be replaced because of its dysfunctional movements, however, it is very common that damaged springs can be the root of such a problem. By simply fixing new springs, your door will work as good as new. The process is fairly straightforward and our team can repair a garage door spring here in Needham in a matter of minutes.

The garage door opener enables you to open and close your door without having to put in the elbow grease. Sometimes faulty batteries or defective electronics are the perpetrators but it is not always easy to tell the initial cause and, due to the complexity of the motorized system, it is best to seek advice from a technical expert. We can determine the issue quickly before adopting a suitable approach on how to solve it. In some cases, we will advise you to upgrade features to give your door longevity and to prevent any chance of breakdowns in the future. We provide all manner of parts as well as their installations whilst always taking in to consideration your individual budget. We can repair a garage door opener in Needham in no time.

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